[Spce-user] No check for forwarded cli

Tóth Csaba tsabi at tsabi.hu
Sun Mar 1 07:31:40 EST 2015


i just realised, that these "by subscriber" forwarded calls are marked
as normal calls in the CDR, so i just added this code after the log code

$(avp(s:acc_state)[*]) = "cfu";

It would be nice if this could be setted correctly by the real
forwarding reason, but i think my actual knowledge of scripting kamailio
not enough for this.


2015.02.28. 18:06 keltezéssel, Tóth Csaba írta:
> Dear SipWise Team,
> i had a problem, when i wanted to make a call forward from a PBX the
> SPCE denied the call, because the forwarder's cli was not in the
> allowed_clis. But i don't wanted to empty that list, because it is a
> good check for notmal calls, i just wanted to disable it only for the
> forwarded call processing.
> So i made a new option (below the sql insert) and modified the
> proxy.cfg. Please find attached the patch. I would really appreciate if
> you review it!
> If you feel it is a good feature, i will be glad to provide my
> contribution for this project. :)
> I use the 3.7.1 version.
> BR,
> Csaba
> INSERT INTO `provisioning`.`voip_preferences`
> (`voip_preference_groups_id`, `attribute`, `label`, `type`, `max_occur`,
> `usr_pref`, `prof_pref`, `dom_pref`, `peer_pref`, `contract_pref`,
> `internal`, `expose_to_customer`, `data_type`, `read_only`,
> `description`) VALUES ('3', 'no_check_forward_cli', 'Do not check
> forwarders cli', '1', '1', '1', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', '0', 'boolean',
> '0', 'Enable this to do not check the forwarders cli against the
> allowed_clis during a call forwarding.');
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