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Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Wed Mar 25 16:29:32 EDT 2015

hello again, 

yah totally clear what you mean, but you can mark a subscriber as admin. This admin subscriber can also manage the other subscribers of a customer over the self-care center, so it would be nice feature if this subscribers would be able to download the customer invoice over the self-care center. 

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Hello Matthias, 

Now there isn't such option. 
Wanted also to turn you attention on the fact that invoices are generated "from reseller point of view". So they are invoices from reseller to customers. There aren't invoices from customer to subscribers. 

Best regards, 
On Mar 25, 2015 6:52 PM, Matthias Hohl <matthias.hohl at telematica.at> wrote: 

Hello Irina, 

thank you for the advice. 
i will test this as soon as possible. 

How can i enable, that the subscribers can download the invoice over the CSC..? 
Is this also possible..? Currently there is no menupoint for that. 


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Hello Mathias, 

To enable invoice auto-generation, please install package 


and after this you can configure periods of the invoices generation with the help from the configuration template files 


you will have configured invoices generation and send cron jobs. 

Detailed description of the configuration templates files management you can find in the " Configuration Framework " chapter of the documentation. 

Invoice generation script can be run manually from: 
perl /usr/share/ngcp-panel/tools/generate_invoices.pl --man 

You will see script description options description and examples. 
Kindly let me know if something will be unclear. 

While writing this email I aw that often script location point to the outdated location: 

This is error and will be fixed in the nearest hours. 

Correct script location is: 

Best regards, 

On 25.03.2015 Wednesday 15:36, Matthias Hohl wrote: 



i want to offer the invoices for downloading in the Self-Care Center. 

Is there a way to enable this..? I want that the customer can login and see his invoices for downloading. But i cant find this option anywhere to enable this in CSC. 

I use 3.7.2… 

Second: Is there a way, that a invoice will be automatically generated on first date of the new month for the last month..? 


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