[Spce-user] LCR not working

Mark van Herpen mark at cambrium.nl
Thu Mar 26 11:32:26 EDT 2015

Hi Richard, others,

On 03/26/2015 03:59 PM, Richard Fuchs wrote:

> The billing_fees table is already joined into this query, so you don't
> see a separate query for it. The reason the peers apparently aren't
> sorted is because the sorting is based on the init_rate, and all of your
> init_rates are zero. Is this intentional?

Well, this is intentional because there are no call-setup costs for any
of the peers.

But, after your reply I saw this in the Handbook, that the Follow Rate
and Follow Interval both default to the Init Rate and Init Interval...

So I changed the init rate to the same as the follow_rate and it works :-D \o/

Concluding, if peers don't have any call-setup costs it's still needed
to configure the init rates, the same as the follow rates if there is no
setup cost, in order to get LCR to work properly?



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