[Spce-user] Bulk import of billing fees via API

Christian Benke benkokakao at gmail.com
Tue May 26 08:23:44 EDT 2015


I'm trying to figure out the correct csv-format to bulk update rates
via the API, as defined in the API-documentation [1]. While it got it
working fine via the CSV-upload in the webinterface, the same format
does not work for the API. I have found several threads defining the
format for the webinterface-upload-option (e.g.
but none that details how the csv has to look like to do a bulk update
via the API.

Aside from using the same format that works for the
webinterface-upload, I also tried to setup the csv-fields in the order
given in the API-docs (With billing_zone_id), but that only gives me
"Billing Fee successfully uploaded, but skipped the following line
numbers: 1":

billing_zone_id, destination,direction,offpeak_follow_interval,

(I've also tried true/false for the bool-values, to no avail).

Could someone please specify what the correct csv-field-format would
be for bulk fees update via the API?

[1] "To bulk-upload fees, specify the Content-Type as "text/csv" and
POST the CSV in the request body to the collection while specifying
the the billing profile via URI parameters, like

Thanks & best regards,

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