[Spce-user] Instalation issue

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Wed May 6 05:35:50 EDT 2015

Dear Andres,

Thank you for the bug report, can you please check your installation
log for the following line availability:
 > Identified Dell Hardware, enabling Dell OMSA repository.

Normally we provide Dell OMSA packages mirror for PRO customer's based 
on Dell hardware, while your server is probably Dell too, we need to 
improve our installer, the ngcp-installer hotfix is on a way.

I will inform you when it is ready, while you can install mr3.8.1 on 
non-Dell hardware :-)

On 05/05/15 20:13, andresl wrote:
> Trying to install SIPWISE CE, with the downloaded install CD, with versions
> 3.8.1, with option DHCP, always stop in error.
> Looking in the log files, we have some authorization fail.
> W: Failed to fetch
> http://deb.sipwise.com/dell/dists/wheezy/openmanage/binary-amd64/Packages  403
> Forbidden [IP: 80]
> I'm interested in knowing and evaluating your products.
> Any recommendation please.
> Thanks a lot for your time

Alexander Lutay

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