[Spce-user] Use of uninitialized value in exists at /usr/share/perl5/NGCP/Panel/Controller/Calls.pm line 72

Marco Teixeira admin at marcoteixeira.com
Sun Nov 1 16:45:17 EST 2015


My "Call Distribution" stats stopped working.

I see the following error in panel.log:
ERROR: fatal error, id=1412B1616754DF30,
timestamp=2015-11-01T21:31:02.242910000Z, error=Caught exception in
NGCP::Panel::Controller::Calls->calls_matrix_ajax "Use of uninitialized
value in exists at /usr/share/perl5/NGCP/Panel/Controller/Calls.pm line 72.

>From what i can read in the code, it seems to be a contry code missing...
code snippet to refresh memory:
            # register new ids for those country codes
line 72 ->  unless(exists $id_table->{$s->country_code}) {
            $id_table->{$s->country_code} = $id_counter;
            $countries->[$id_counter] = $s->country;

Can anyone give me a pointer
​? How to check witch country is missing ​

Cumprimentos / Best regards

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