[Spce-user] add free minutes to a subscriber

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Tue Nov 10 14:06:04 EST 2015



is it possible to add more free minutes to a subscriber without creating a
new billing profile with higher value?

I was thinking about to add more free minutes over customer contract
balance. But is this value still there after end of month? Or overwritten on
new months beginning with default free time?



Btw second:

What happen if a customer has two subscriber inside?

Example: in billing profile I define 1000 free minutes.

Are this 1000 free minutes now for each of the subscriber, so every
subscriber has his own 1000 minutes or does they share the 1000 minutes?


If YES then I have there is the problem I wrote some weeks ago. 

If a customer has more subscribers, I must create a new customer for each
subscriber, if I want that every subscriber has his own free minutes or a
different billing profile.


Maybe you should overthink this workflow, to add the possibility to define
billing profiles and free minutes on subscriber base and not on customer.

It would also be nice, to have a feature called "cascading billing profiles"
to add free minutes or different rates on customer subscriber base without
changing or creating whole billing profile for that.


So there are the basic billing profile rates and over that, there is a
second layer for customizing rates and prefixes for special customers,


Just my 2 cents,

Thanks for you time.

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