[Spce-user] Right method & place to injecting offer / answer SDPs

afshin afzali a.afzali2003 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 08:03:24 EST 2015

Hi Andrew,

I am going to incorporate an external WebRTC signalling server in NGCP.
It's obvious that it's responsible for exchanging SDPs with its clients. My
second requirement is that I am not going to include a SIP stack into the
external signaling server. To exchange controls / events with NGCP I am
going to use SEMS's B2BUA and IVR applications. The most important part of
this would be replacing SDPs with those that the signaling server have. I
guess redis would be a good place to share them with NGCP. So my question
is : Where and by which method I can switch those SDPs inside NGCP before
they exchange to rtpengine ?


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