[Spce-user] New sip:provider CE mr4.1.1 is now available

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Wed Oct 28 11:39:55 EDT 2015

Dear community!

This is to inform you about the availability of the new SPCE mr4.1.1.
The InstallCD media, Vagrant box, Virtualbox, VMware and AMI images have
been uploaded, please check the handbook for all the details:
> https://www.sipwise.org/doc/mr4.1.1/spce/ar01s04.html#_using_a_pre_installed_virtual_machine

Please find the list of all fixes on our web site:

> The most important changes for mr4.1.1 compared to mr4.0.x are:
>     Sipwise rtpengine-redis plugin is now publicly available within rtpengine.git
>     Upgrade Kamailio to 4.3.3
>     New feature Malicious Call Identification (MCID)
>     ngcpcfg uses “pull –rebase”  now (MT#15141)
>     ngcpcfg YML configs can be validated using ‘ngcpcfg check’ (set VALIDATE_SCHEMA=”true” in /etc/ngcp-config/ngcpcfg.cfg)
>     Minimizing amount of customtt files in use, moving some of the kamailio modparam parameter to config.yml
>     Limiting various components listen necessary interfaces only
>     Improved stability of Kamailio counters in Redis on Kamailio restart/HA switchover

The long-term-supported release is still mr3.8.x

Thank you for the bugreports and feedback!

Alex Lutay

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