[Spce-user] user=phone and 181 forward missing

Julian Seifert js at dacor.de
Thu Oct 15 17:11:29 EDT 2015


slight correction - the occurrences of "user=phone" I was able to find was in various functions in the kamailio-proxy
proxy.cfg and not in the kkamailio.cfg of the loadbalancer.

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we are running 4.0.1 as lab system and during some quite exhaustive tests we noticed the following.
The first thing is in our invites the "user=phone" part is missing it appears at about 4 places in the kamailio.cfg
of the loadbalancer but it apparently does not make it into any outgoing requests. Or is there any knob
in the webinterface to configure that?

It should look like this(taking it from kamailio-proxy.log from an incoming call from a peer)
M=INVITE R=sip:+4995614049417;npdi;rn=+4995614049417 at lab.dacor.de;transport=udp;user=phone F=sip:+4934141400306 at lab.enviatel.de;user=phone

but it looks like this (how we send it to our peer)
M=INVITE R=sip:034141400309 at lab.dacor.de F=sip:095614049412 at lab.dacor.de

The second is when you configure an unconditional forward for a subscriber there is no "181-forwarding" notice
sent to the caller.

Any ideas on either topic how to fix it to be the way we need it to be?

kind regards,

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