[Spce-user] Number Porting

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Wed Apr 27 10:19:59 EDT 2016



can anybody explain the "number porting" function in the 4.3.1 version?

How does it work and how can I use it?


What about the new lock level "ported"? What does it do? Must I also set the
"status to "locked" to activate the ported status?


I searched the handbook but couldn't find any information about that topic.




I also did some tests:

I set a subscriber to lock level "ported" and also create a "LNP Carrier"
with a prefix #99# and add the ported number from the subscriber to the
ported number with start date yesterday.

But if I try to call this number from another subscriber, I just get the
voice message, that this subscriber is not available.



So for what is this feature for?

What would the right way to handle ported numbers from our own block to
another carrier?

Just terminate the subscriber and notice it elsewhere in excel to know, that
this number is ported away and should not be give away a second time to
another subscriber?



Maybe you can give me some advices.


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