[Spce-user] Call Forward issue

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at telcon.es
Fri Apr 22 13:35:58 EDT 2016

Thanks, thanks, thanks Andrew. The issue was solved applying the patch.

Robert Cuaresma
Dpto. Ingeniería de Clientes

El 22/04/2016 10:45, Andrew Pogrebennyk <apogrebennyk at sipwise.com> escribió:
On 04/22/2016 10:24 AM, Robert Cuaresma wrote:
> Hi Andrew, thank you for the reply.
> I don't have proxy.cfg.customtt.tt2 file. Can I create a new file with this name and add the lines that you have attached?

you should copy proxy.cfg.tt2 to customtt, change only the lines from
the diff and run ngcpcfg apply.
for more details.

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