[Spce-user] MR4.4.1 and extrange error with NAT

Jon Bonilla (Manwe) manwe at sipdoc.net
Fri Aug 26 09:43:50 EDT 2016

El Fri, 26 Aug 2016 14:47:19 +0200
Sergio Serrano <sergio.serrano at avanzada7.com> escribió:

> I can update information. I have continue with this solution
> https://www.sipwise.com/doc/mr3.8.6/spce/ar01s05.html#_audiocodes_devic
> es_workaround
> but then I can see next error in log
> NOTICE: <script>: Appending P-D-URI 'sip:lb at;lr;socket=sip:192
> .168.220.20:5060' - R=sip:VP770000200 at;user=phone ID=
> 75541f4b1b9b283d526afe7b0d5d529f at UA='Digium Gateway'
> 2016-08-26T12:48:18.421018+02:00 voip proxy[30633]: NOTICE: <script>:
> Forcing request via B2BUA 'sip:' - R=sip:VP770000200 at 8
>;user=phone ID=75541f4b1b9b283d526afe7b0d5d529f at 185.51
> .108.56 UA='Digium Gateway'

Looks like the proxy is selecting a wrong IP for kamailio LB. 

In my test setup, using the same version with the sudiocodes workaround I have
the right IP in the P-D-URI:

NOTICE: <script>: Appending P-D-URI
'sip:;received='sip:;lr;transport=udp'' -
R=sip:9808098098 at test-api.com ID=17dbf780-dd80-4882-a002-ec73a3fba331 UA='Blink
2.0.0 (Linux)'

Do you have custom templates placed there? How's your network.yml?

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