[Spce-user] How To install mr5.0.1 at digital ocean

Chef Syaiful Bahri Kamaruddin chefsyaiful at outlook.com
Fri Dec 30 05:42:25 EST 2016

Hi Andrew,
Installation done at digitalocean.com  connecting ip on eth0 . ngcpcfg apply network also done. But still bad gateway.
I think I should reinstall clean then set all parameter accordingly first..is there a way that during initial installation I see eadress autoconfig skip as multiple network..

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On 30/12/16 11:33, Chef Syaiful Bahri Kamaruddin wrote:
> Having 502 bad gateway

Are you connecting to the IP on eth0 or eth1? Which interface is for what? The handbook example is based on the assumption that eth0 is to be used for service. Also you have not executed ngcpcfg apply. It's all clearly stated in the handbook.


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