[Spce-user] Clir - Hiding caller ID

Theo axessofficetheo at gmail.com
Tue Feb 23 04:30:24 EST 2016


I am having some issues hiding our caller ID through some interconnects.
Sipwise does add the privacy flag to the header but does this in the "from
header". The response from our interconnect partners is that this is not
according to RFC:

"the caller here attempted to anonymize their call using only the
displayname of the FROM header." They did not include a P-Asserted Identity
/ Privacy header. The displayname of the FROM header is optional to begin
with, and while it's recommended that it be displayed at the far-end UI,
the far-end carriers are not required to use it at all."

So - are they correct in saying this and if so, how would we hide the
number the correct way?

Thanks for any input
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