[Spce-user] Caller ID Issues with one peer

Dave Massey dave at optionsdsl.ca
Thu Jul 21 14:11:09 EDT 2016

I have 2 peers configured, one uses IP authentication (no username/password/realm entered) and one that uses username/password/realm for outgoing calls.
The peer that uses IP authentication works fine for displaying correctly the caller ID on the called partys phone, but the one that uses authentication always puts the username/realm as the “From”

This one works OK, the From contains the number Im calling:
proxy <script>: Setting From to '<sip:19057722572 at sip.optionsdsl.ca>' - R=sip:19059753988 at ID=f2316165-fddb0614-d0aaadf7 at

When I call the same number out this new peer it changes it to below:
proxy[4378]: NOTICE: <script>: Setting From to '<sip:2899191273 at tor.trk.tprm.ca>' - R=sip:19059753988 at ID=6596d56-a2187651-9a413210 at

Where do I change it so it does the same thing as the first peer?
Calls out work fine but always display the 2899191273 on the callee’s phone

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