[Spce-user] [Spce-dev] New sip:provider CE mr3.8.7 is available now

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Fri Jul 22 05:40:04 EDT 2016

Hi Skyler,

Thank you for asking here.

Let me highlight our development life-circle once again.
I believe it will clarify a lot here.

Sipwise provides LTS releases for the productions which are looking for
stability with long term support (3 years): 2.8 , mr3.8, mr4.5 (planned)

In the same time we release new releases mostly every 2 month to
deliver to the market new features customers request for.

Every non-LTS release have 2 builds in release life-circle.
Sample release mr4.3 had two builds: mr4.3.1 and mr4.3.2
The build mr4.3.1 brings new features of release mr4.3 and
the build mr4.3.2 brings more stability to release mr4.3 as
contains bugfixes only.

The users are free to decide about the upgrade flow:
mr4.3.1->mr4.3.2 (to stay on mr4.3 but be more stable) or
mr4.3.[1,2]->mr4.4.1 (to get new features of release mr4.4).

I hope it answers your questions.

Also, Sipwise operates with the following terms:
Release - pack of software which has new features and bugfixes: mrX.X
Build - pack of software which contains bugfixes only: mrX.X.X
Hotfix - some small changes to builds to fix something urgently without
waiting for the new build/release. It is a package update in publicly
available mrX.X.X

On 07/21/2016 08:55 AM, Skyler wrote:
> Sorry, I mixed up the two announcements. Yours is clear, just the one
> from Sergii about 4.3.2 being now available but also unsupported.
> Recommended 4.4.1 upgrade.
> Is the meaning to bypass 4.3.2 and move into 4.4.1 if still running 4.3
> ? I'm thinking production should stay in LTS line so it was odd to see
> an announcement about 4.3.2 at this date.
> Or was the intention to announce the end of 4.3 branch/support, officially?
> Was a bit confusing to me.

Alex Lutay

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