[Spce-user] Direct RTP on LAN / Signaling on Internet Host

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at telcon.es
Fri Jul 29 02:18:37 EDT 2016

Hi Álvaro,

You have to configure “advertise ip” param into network.yml with this command:
ngcp-network --set-interface=eth0 --advertised-ip=x.y.z.w

x.y.z.w should be replaced with your data-center public IP natted to SipWise.

Robert Cuaresma
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Putting a sipwise instance on a private IP behind NAT its calling for problems, if you don't know how to correctly setup it.

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Hi guys. We are building an proof of concept for internal use of sipwise and have some issues dealing with an architecture.
Let's say we have an office with a couple of yealink phones and a gateway FXO for some lines. On an external datacenter, we publish to internet a sipwise instance in order to allow registrations and deal with signaling.

So far, we are able to register phones, but each time we make a call, we have one way audio. if we use sngrep, we see two calls in state "CALL SETUP", but if you pick up the call, just one way audio.

 Our experience in asterisk + yealink phones, the setup is fairy simple. You set the peers to allow direct rtp, and even if they are behind nat, they can register and the rtp flow is normal.

our network setup :





    dbnode: '1'





        - web_ext

        - sip_ext

        - rtp_ext

        - web_int

        - ssh_ext


      - lo

      - eth0



        - default



      shared_ip: []

      shared_v6ip: []


        - sip_int

        - ha_int

        - aux_ext

        - ssh_ext

        - api_int

      v6ip: '::1'


      - proxy

      - lb

      - mgmt

      - rtp

      - db

Attached some screenshots of sngrep and costumer configuration

Thanks in advance.

Saludos / Regards,


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