[Spce-user] 403 Maximum parallel calls exceeded

William Hilsum William at ezpcltd.com
Sun Mar 6 05:38:58 EST 2016


I previously had a 2 call allowance from the upstream provider and I set maximum calls to 2.

I recently upgraded this to 6, but, I can't seem to make more than 2 outbound calls between all the accounts.

The first thing I did was change the limit on the peering, then on individual subscribers, and I also changed this on the domain, but, it seems that whenever someone tries to make a third call, I get "403 Maximum parallel calls exceeded" shown in sngrep.

I don't think it is related to the carrier as this comes locally/it never establishes a connection externally.

I remember reading through the guide that there are a few things that don't get updated until you manually restart the service, so, I restarted the box but still get the same problem.

I was wondering if anyone can help here or point me in the correct direction?

In addition to the above, whilst I was trying to make the change, I came up with something else that I was curious about - there is max calls on a subscriber, and a subscriber belongs to a domain - Is this just for inheritance - e.g. if I don't specify a limit on a subscriber, it takes it from the domain, or, is this a limit for everyone belonging to that domain?

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