[Spce-user] Weird problem with mr3.8.7 upgraded to 4.0.2

Raúl Alexis Betancor Santana rabs at dimension-virtual.com
Thu Sep 1 07:24:10 EDT 2016

On Aug 1, we did upgrade a working mr3.8.7 system to 4.0.2, as a previous step to upgrade then to 4.4.1 ... everything did goes smoothly ... but today, reviewing weird things that came out from the montly close procs ... we see that all CDR records of cdr-exporter are empy ... we thought that maybe was a rate-o-mat problem ... but it wasn't, it was up and running, then we check the mediator proc ... and was down, didn't notice ... well we start it again and wait for it to finish it works ... and this is weird thing ... it doesn't do anything. 
If we go to the logs ... we see the kamailio-proxy proc writing down the "Setting acc ..." without any issue, but accounting.acc table it's empy, and accounting.cdr only have register till the day we do the upgrade. 

Have change anything about mediation, rating and cdr exporting from mr3.8.7 to mr.4.0.2 ? 

Is not a big issue, as we never have trust that CDR entries ... instead we use the gateways ones, but we use this ones to correlate all them and check if weirds things happens. 

Why is accounting.acc empty but also there are not accounting.cdr entries for the calls .. ? 

We have made same test callls, and see that kamailio-proxy write down the acc into the logs ... but not into the DB. 

Any clue, anything to beging tracking this issue ? 
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