[Spce-user] Can I record SRTP without decryption and ZRTP?

Anthony Alba ascanio.alba7 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 21:32:15 EDT 2017

Hi spce users,

In recording SRTP, both pcap and proc, is it possible to record
without decryption? (I am "escrowing" SDP elsewhere, so I don't want
recording-daemon or rtpengine to waste cycles.)

User space: pcap - I would like it to store raw SRTP and SRTCP, no
need for decryption. I presume ZRTP is automatically raw packets??

Kernel space: recording-daemon: who does decryption - kernel module or
recording daemon? I want to turn off decryption and have recording
daemon store ciphertext — currently only see options for wav or mp3


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