[Spce-user] Memory problem in 4.5.4

Sergio Serrano sergio.serrano at avanzada7.com
Mon Apr 17 06:34:50 EDT 2017

Hi all again,

	we have upgraded one system to 4.5.4 LTS and now we observe a
problem with memory. The system start to work well, but after a time(2
or 3 days) I can see as memory load of the system is growing and
Kamailio proxy leve to process request. In kamailio Proxy log I only
see message like

2017-04-17T12:33:37.900679+02:00 sipwise proxy[25960]: ERROR: cfgt
[cfgt_int.c:684]: cfgt_pre(): cannot get value of cfgtest uuid header.
Using unknown
2017-04-17T12:33:37.900700+02:00 sipwise proxy[25960]: DEBUG: <core>
[forward.c:754]: do_forward_reply(): reply cannot be forwarded - no 2nd
2017-04-17T12:33:37.900810+02:00 sipwise proxy[25960]: ERROR: cfgt
[cfgt_int.c:717]: cfgt_post(): cannot create flowname
2017-04-17T12:33:37.900844+02:00 sipwise proxy[25960]: ERROR: cfgt
[cfgt_int.c:385]: cfgt_save_node(): Can't open file
[/var/run/kamailio/cfgtest/unknown/64175.json] to write

but I don't know if the problem was that. 

Any can help me?


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