[Spce-user] Howto Debug - 403 Relaying Denied

Jaime jaime at tnagroup.cl
Fri Aug 4 15:18:14 EDT 2017


I have a client that send calls without our domain, that is enabled in our  mr4.5.4
so, I get the error 403 relaying denied,

The question is,
	Can I add an alias (our IP) to our current default domain,
example, if my domain is:  ejemplo.net
can I authenticate as the same domain if the call are sent to my Sipwise IP: X.X.X.X ?

Thanks for the help.

Aug  4 20:50:01 sip proxy[7215]: NOTICE: <script>: Rejecting peering attempt with non-local request domain - R=sip:996402783 at X.X.X.X;cpd=on ID=2a9f759778a1121c1403067d0d7a5914 at Y.Y.Y.Y UA='Asterisk PBX'


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