[Spce-user] replicated subscribers across two physical locations with different domains

Stephen Donovan stephen at belzonicable.net
Sun Aug 13 14:17:42 EDT 2017


Is it possible to replicate subscribers but assume that one box is sip1.xxxx.xxx and the other domain is sip2.xxxx.xxx ? What I'm looking to do is have a common subscriber database, servers in two different datacenters, and have our critical customers connected to both with failover? We've already worked out the inbound failover with our upstream peers. 

Would this be better served by using a common domain and DNS SRV records, which not all devices support? I use a lot of Adtran 900/900e units for analog, PRI and SIP handoff, I'm not sure if they support a DNS SRV for failover to another IP address... I know most consumer level ATAs and SIP phones do support DNS SRV. 

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