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Koot Pienaar koot at ntelecom.co.za
Thu Aug 24 02:17:32 EDT 2017

Others can correct me if i am wrong but this does not form part of Sipswise CE.


You wil need Sipwise pro with the sipwise pbx to do this


Koot Pienaar


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OH,ok,  what I wan is  how can ring 4, five,  8 o 10  extension in one call center, whit one DID, so any agent can pick the call, and have some  IVR to tell the caller if  all agent are ocupied,   thank you


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This is not freepbx or elastix. So there is no such thing as rig groups. What would you like to achieve?


Koot Pienaar


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hi, everiboddy, one question, I have install sipwise mr5.4.

I ready put to working the outbound call peers and the  inbound DID,  but I tray to make ring groups, and I dont see any information  about that, ¿how I can make  ring groups ?    thankyou


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