[Spce-user] Feature request: multiple advertised ip

Serge S. Yuriev me at nevian.org
Fri Aug 25 05:56:35 EDT 2017


It returns array but them used only for aliases. All other parts of LB 
config using only first elem of it.
Maybe I can adapt kamailio config but how to present choice to DB and 
web pannel?

On 24/08/17 17:47, Alex Lutay wrote:
> Hi,
> advertised_ip is defined as a list into validation schema:
>    "advertised_ip":
>      type: seq
>      required: no
>      sequence:
>        - { type: text, required: no }
> Also library /usr/lib/ngcp-ngcpcfg/get_all_adv_ips_for_host
> process it as a list and returns array.
> So you can definitely add multiply values there,
> while I am not sure about the functionality behind.
> Maybe kamailio config changes are required, test it from your side.
> Pull requests are welcome here if any!
> Have fun!
> On 08/24/2017 04:32 PM, Serge S. Yuriev wrote:
>> Try to up theme. May be this time someone answers..
>>> Do you think is possible? I see network.yml supports multiple
>>> addresses but not using them
>>>> We have case: SPCE in the core and N natted links to SP.
>>>> Will be great to set correct advertised ip as we do for sockets.

Serge S. Yuriev
Lead VoIP engineer

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