[Spce-user] New with Sipwise, problem with peering registration.

Anthony Sanchez agswinpr at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 19:58:28 EST 2017

Hi everybody,

I’m new to Sipwise so please excuse me if I’m doing some obvious mistake.

I’m already playing with Latest Supported Release – mr5.0 build 1, in
my lab environment.

I followed the Documentation, VoIP Service Configuration:

Network settings, changed some passwords, Created Customer,
Subscriber, Domain, Peerings, Peering Groups, and Peering Servers

I applied the settings in Peerings, via the Web interface (user,
domain, pwd) and manually to the template file.

And finalized the setup by running ngcpcfg apply.

Peering registration did not establish.

I’m having these errors in -cat /var/log/ngcp/sems.log-

Jan 11 20:02:31 spce ngcp-sems[9034]: [#7fa09a6db700] [sendto,
udp_trsp.cpp:179] ERROR:  sendto(15;xx.xx.xx.xx:5060): Invalid

Jan 11 20:02:31 spce ngcp-sems[9034]: [#7fa09a6db700] [send_request,
trans_layer.cpp:1311] ERROR:  Error from transport layer

Maybe you can give me a hint what I’m doing wrong.

How can I fix it?


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