[Spce-user] v2.8 - Session Timers

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at telcon.es
Fri Jan 13 05:00:37 EST 2017

Hi list!

I have a problem with session refresh with my VoIP Carrier: At 30 minutes my carrier needs to be the session refreshed, otherwise the carrier hangup the call. How can I configure sipprovider CE to refresh the session after 30 minutes of the call. I have this problem only in outgoing calls (Subscriber to Peer).

I did some test with SST on Peer Host Preferences with this parameters but didn't work:
Sst_enable: yes
Sst_expires: 1800
Sst_min_timer: 90
sst_refresh_method: update

thanks a lot!

Robert Cuaresma
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