[Spce-user] Feature Request for better fraud protection

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Wed Jul 19 05:31:30 EDT 2017



if a call is still active and the fraud prevention locks the subscriber the
current active call will not be canceled.

So the subscriber fraud script locked outgoing calls, so you can’t initiate
a new call cause of exceeding credit balance threshold but all currently
active calls still produce more costs.


I got the problem this night with a subscriber:

The fraud script normally runs in 5 minute intervall and the subscriber got
locked at 0:40 but a fraud call with duration of 2 ½ hours started at 0:39
and was not beeing canceled from the fraud script, and produces a lot of


Is there a way to implement a auto cancelation of all active outgoing calls
in case of fraud limit reached?

It will be a good fraud prevention feature.


Thank you.


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