[Spce-user] Multiple DDI/Allowed CLI's

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Check the auto_allow_cli config. See this section of the handbook for details: 


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HI Guys 

I have a client with DDI range 27518735200 – 27518735299 

Whe i create subscriber i add 27518735200 as main number. 

Then add alias 275187352 so that all the DDI numbers in the range are routed to this subscriber. 

To allow any DDI in the range as a CLI on the subscriber preferences, access restrictions , allowed cli’s it has 27518735200, and 275187352 bydefault because it was added when creating subscriber. Now when i add 275187352** to allow all ddi in the range as CLI’s it gets removed everytime i edit and save the subscribers master data. 

Any idea how to dot his correctly? Or is it a bug? 

Im using mr5.3.1. 

Koot Pienaar 

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