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Stephen Morton sgm251070 at hotmail.com
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Thanks Leighton,

Yeah, I think a sip trace would be a good logical start. Thanks for your input

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On 4 Jul 2017, at 8:20 am, Leighton Brennan <leightonbrennan at gmail.com<mailto:leightonbrennan at gmail.com>> wrote:

I would start with having a look at a capture of the call. In particular the SDP info within the 200OK when the call gets answered and verify that the audio is being sent to and from the correct IP addresses/ports. While I can't speak for AWS our SIPwise pro has not had any issues with audio in fact it seems to handle NAT'd subscribers and PBX's pretty well.

Could be a crappy ALG causing the issue. I know these are supposed to help SIP but I've rarely seen them do that:)

On Mon 3 Jul 2017 at 18:35, Stephen Morton <sgm251070 at hotmail.com<mailto:sgm251070 at hotmail.com>> wrote:


New install of 5.3.1 CE on AWS EC2 per instructions.

I haven't set up peering yet, as I just want to test local connectivity with local subscribers.

I haven't messed around with any of the domain or subscriber options.

I have created 2 subscribers with SIP usernames of 200 and 201. I register devices to them no probs. I am hoping to be able to call 201 from 200 etc. This works, but when I answer, I hear no audio (either direction).

When I try calling 200 from 201, I get status OK in the call log in the portal. When I call 200 from 201 I get status Cancel.

I also tried calling vmail, eg from these devices, I dialled 2000 from both devices, it connects, but again I hear no audio.

When I call vmail from either extension I get OK.

I am just using X-lite as the client for both endpoints.

I am pretty sure I have missed something, or need to change a setting in the domain or subscriber.

Any help is appreciated,

If I need to do further extensive investigation I will, thought I would see if anyone on AWS EC2 knows of any usual traps or reasons that I might be having this trouble off the top of their head, or might be able to quickly point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


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