[Spce-user] Fresh install mr5.3.1 grafan dashboards broken

Koot Pienaar koot at ntelecom.co.za
Tue Jul 11 10:14:22 EDT 2017

Thank you for the quick response.

The grafan server was running but datasources were missing.

After running /usr/sbin/ngcp-sync-grafana-datasources as suggested everything was working.



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Installer logs will help a lot (see them in /var/log/).

Also it is recommended to use InstallCD instead of manual debian installation + ngcp-installer.deb.

Try the following on your side:

> /etc/init.d/grafana-server start
> /usr/sbin/ngcp-sync-grafana-datasources

and repeat the test.

On 07/11/2017 03:46 PM, Koot Pienaar wrote:
> I just instaleld a fresh debian 8 net install server and followed the 
> instructions in mr5.3.1 handbook to install using the installation script.
> Agter install when trying to open grafa dahsboards no data or graphs 
> are displayed, and it says it cannot find data source telegraf.
> Help would be apprecieated

Alex Lutay
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