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Dan Boghici dboghici at sipwise.com
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On 07/18/2017 12:07 AM, Alex Pearson wrote:
> Good Afternoon,
> Yes you can.  For example, we have a Sipwise A and a Sipwise B 
> configured with a floating IP.  Then we have a MYSQL A server and 
> MYSQL B server configured with Master-Master replication and a 
> floating IP.    The Sipwise A and Sipwise B servers are configured to 
> use the floating IP of the database servers.
> If Sipwise A dies, Sipwise B automatically takes over.  If MYSQL A 
> goes down, MYSQL B takes over.  Effectively, ensuring that you are 
> able to route calls AND secure your data in the event of a failover 
> situation.  I hope this helps!
> Alex
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> Hello,
> Say I wanted to replicate the databases of two spce instances where 
> they have different ip addresses but all else is the same, same 
> domain, etc.  the idea is to allow customers to connect to either 
> server and process calls.  Inbound calling, I can handle the failover 
> externally.  2nd instance would be for backup only in a remote 
> datacenter.  I would use DNS SRV records and compatible endpoints to 
> manage the failover for the same hostname.  I'm basically asking can I 
> replicate the databases and expect this to work if needed in a failure 
> scenario?
> Stephen
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