[Spce-user] New sip:provider CE mr5.3.1 is now available

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Fri Jun 9 10:19:02 EDT 2017

Dear community!

This is to inform about availability of new SPCE mr5.3.1 !


The InstallCD media, Vagrant box, Virtualbox, VMware and AMI images as
well as Docker hub container have been uploaded. As usual, please check
the handbook at https://www.sipwise.org/doc/mr5.3.1/spce/ for details.

The most important changes for mr5.3.1 compared to mr5.2 are:

> Implemented call recording based on rtpengine framework.
> Implemented selective peer probing via SIP OPTIONS ping.
> Switched ngcp-panel  from its custom RRD-based monitoring dashboard to grafana dashboards based on influxdb.
> Replaced metrics gathering framework collectd and its RRD backend by telegraf and influxdb.
>   old RRD files will be preserved on the system, but not used by the monitoring infrastructure.
>   some of the checks previously done by ngcp-witnessd are now done natively by telegraf.
>   there is a new ngcp-influxdb-extract script that replaces the old rrd_extract script.
> Added possibility to trace Kamailio memory usage per module.
> Added “ngcpcfg clean“ to clean ngcpcfg framework (see available options in “man ngcpcfg”).
> Added cdr source/destination_user_out fields to track peer rewrite.
> Implemented capability to allow/reject SIP messages based on SIP User-Agent patterns.
> Improved cleanuptools speed for large amount of CDRs.
> Improved code quality by extending and introducing perlcritic/shellcheck/coverity/lintian checks. 

The full changelog is available for downloading here:
> https://www.sipwise.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Changelog_mr5.3.1-2017-06-08T11_14_58.pdf
Please report issues if any on the mailing list and thank you for
being a part of the community!

Alex Lutay
Head of Quality Assurance
Sipwise GmbH, Campus 21/Europaring F15
AT-2345 Brunn am Gebirge

Office: +43(0)13012036
Email: alutay at sipwise.com
Website: https://www.sipwise.com

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