[Spce-user] Invoice creation

Koot Pienaar koot at ntelecom.co.za
Tue Jun 20 07:45:37 EDT 2017

Good day


I am experiencing a problem when trying to reate an invoice for a customer.


I get the following error in the /var/log/ngcp/panel.log


Jun 20 13:43:02 ntel-sipsw1 ngcp-panel: ERROR: IP=
CALLED=Controller::Invoice::__ANON__ TX=14C9D1C202435BB0 USER=administrator
DATA={ 'period' => '2017-06', 'contract.id' => '12', 'template.id' => '3',
'save' => 'Save', 'submitid' => ''} MSG="Failed to render invoice" LOG=""gs"
failed to start: "No such file or directory" at
/usr/share/perl5/NGCP/Panel/Utils/InvoiceTemplate.pm line 67."


Jun 20 13:43:02 ntel-sipsw1 ngcp-panel: ERROR: IP=
CALLED=Controller::Invoice::create TX=14C9D1C202C36120 USER=administrator
DATA={ 'template.id' => '3', 'submitid' => '', 'save' => 'Save', 'period' =>
'2017-06', 'contract.id' => '12'} MSG="Failed to create invoice.
(catalyst_detach#012)" LOG=""


Anyone have this problem before. Running version mr5.2.1




Koot Pienaar

VoIP Coordinator

Ntelecom Central


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