[Spce-user] Issue with INVITE from Grandstream to SIPWISE

John Brown mrbrownsg at yahoo.com.au
Fri Jun 16 08:26:14 EDT 2017

Hi Alex, thanks for the reply.
I'm not the best in SIP headers so I needed someone to tell me otherwise.
Grandstream seems to be the problem though I've no clue how that phone is doing something like this.

      From: Alex Lutay <alutay at sipwise.com>
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 Sent: Friday, 16 June 2017, 18:02
 Subject: Re: [Spce-user] Issue with INVITE from Grandstream to SIPWISE

Grandstream sends INVITE without digest authentication,
Sipwise requested it via "407 Proxy Authentication Required",
Grandstream didn't send INVITE with digest authentication.

Why do you believe the problem is on Sipwise side?

On 06/16/2017 09:15 AM, John Brown wrote:
> 2017/06/16 17:02:12.530808 x.x.x.x:5060 ->
> SIP/2.0 407 Proxy Authentication Required
> Via: SIP/2.0/UDP
> From: "Amin" <sip:1234567911 at sipwiseserver.mydomain.com>;tag=1066750
> To:
> <sip:123456781 at sipwiseserver.mydomain.com>;tag=1d24a28a0bded6c40d31e6db8aab9ac6.3c43
> Call-ID: 1089405788-5060-8 at BJC.BGI.B.BIJ
> CSeq: 20 INVITE
> Proxy-Authenticate: Digest realm="sipwiseserver.mydomain.com",
> nonce="WUODoFlDgnQ+fVGx8w4TVe25XLi2fFJ7"
> Server: Sipwise NGCP Proxy 5.X
> Content-Length: 0

Alex Lutay
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