[Spce-user] Invoice creation

Koot Pienaar koot at ntelecom.co.za
Fri Jun 23 06:24:37 EDT 2017

THank you.

Before hotfixes i installed Ghostscript manually. 

Apt-get install ghostscript

Then invoices were generated without error.

Koot Pienaar
VoIP Coordinator
Ntelecom Central

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Hotfixes have been released including mr5.2.1 Feel free to install them in a common way:

>   apt-get update && apt-get upgrade && \
>   ngcp-update-db-schema && ngcp-update-cfg-schema && \
>   ngcpcfg apply "apply new hotfix changed"

Thank you for the bug report here!

On 06/21/2017 04:53 PM, Alex Lutay wrote:
> It is available on PRO/Carrier as Fax server dependency and missing on 
> CE as no such dependency for ngcp-panel and faxserver is not available 
> for CE.
> Reported internally as TT#17761 and will be hotfixed.

Alex Lutay
Head of Quality Assurance
Sipwise GmbH, Campus 21/Europaring F15
AT-2345 Brunn am Gebirge
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