[Spce-user] Multiple peering servers fall through and trunks per peering group?

William Hilsum William at ezpcltd.com
Wed Mar 8 17:30:04 EST 2017


I have a carrier that gives a lot of bundled minutes (more than I can use) but is expensive on international - and a carrier that is great for international.... So, I set 2 peering groups for each.

For the international one I set priority to 2 and it accepts all calls.

For the standard one, I set priority to 1 and made it only acecpt "01, 02, 03 and 07" numbers.

Whilst trying to go through a log for an issue (which I will probably post shortly), I noticed that some 01 calls are failing on the standard carrier and then get send through the other carrier.

What's the most efficent way to stop rule fall through as I see it does technically match?

In addition, I have 20 simultaneous calls with the international carrier - they have provided me with a list of 8 different servers. I realised that whilst I set 20 as the limit for each, if I get a 21st call, it will probably go to the next one within the peering group- is there anyway to set it globally that it is 20 calls per group rather than server within the group?


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