[Spce-user] ncos vs adm_ncos

Nathaniel Pitcher nathaniel at inmtn.net
Fri Mar 24 17:55:36 EDT 2017


I was hoping someone could give some more information to help me understand better about using admin ncos and user ncos levels. 

I see from the tooltip:

ncos - Specifies the NCOS level that applies to the user.
adm_ncos - Same as "ncos", but may only be set by administrators and is applied prior to the user setting.

So does that mean that both settings will be applied? If so how does priority get decided? Is the first match the final decision for a call?

The help tip says admin is applied “prior”  to the user. 


So, if I have a pattern that is whitelisted in admin and then blacklisted in user what is the result? Does admin take priority  and allow, or is it allowed by admin and then denied by the user level. 

How does pattern specificity apply if at all? I’m thinking it doesn’t. 

Thanks in advance!

Nathaniel Pitcher

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