[Spce-user] NCOS and Block list patterns

Julian Seifert js at dacor.de
Fri Mar 3 14:14:09 EST 2017

AFAIK the difference in syntax is mentioned in the docs or at least in the hover-notice in the panel.

I have no idea why there is both but it's probably for historic reasons and I assume glob interpretation is way

easier and less costly (cpu wise) than full regexp.

Block lists are either allow or deny (Depending on block list mode) and so are ncos-levels (white- or blacklist)

We only use block_lists. We have different classes of forbidden number patterns that can be combined.

we then generate a complete list and set this list for the customer. (It can be selected by staff or customer via crm/webinterface)

In addition we use an adm_ncos to deny calls to satellite numbers and known fraud prefixes/numbers and a adm_cf_ncos (I think, maybe te name differs) to prevent call forwardings to emergency numbers/premiums/foreign.

I don't think you can do allow AND deny in the same list but we simply forbid everything we/our customer does not want to being

able to call and everything not explicitly forbidden is allowed by default.

kind regards,


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Btw, can we make excludes from list?
Block ^250
Allow ^250221<tel:2502213>3

Should we write few regexps to flow around or there is simpler method exists?

Wbr, Serge via mobile

03.03.2017, 21:38, "Serge S. Yuriev" <me at nevian.org>:

This puzzles me a bit - why they are different? Why not regex everywhere?
I think it worth to mention in docs about these differences - it's not so oblivious.

Wbr, Serge via mobile

03.03.2017, 20:04, "Julian Seifert" <js at dacor.de<mailto:js at dacor.de>>:

Hi Serge,

Block lists accept "glob"-format ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glob_(programming)#Syntax )
while ncos accepts regular expressions. When there's a conflict between ncos/blocklist
(one explicitly allows while the other explicitly denies, default beahvious is to deny)


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Is NCOS and Block lists really accept different pattern formats?
Can we use regex?

Serge S. Yuriev
Lead VoIP engineer

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