[Spce-user] CISCO SPA504G TP Parser error: 6 on 180 Ringing

Andrew Pogrebennyk apogrebennyk at sipwise.com
Tue Mar 7 07:59:40 EST 2017

indeed, extra Record-Route is the problem and you should check what
element is adding it:
> Record-Route: <sip:;r2=on;lr=on;ftag=aa4a459f654ec208o2;did=794.fea;ice_caller=strip;ice_callee=strip;aset=50;rtpprx=yes;vsf=dWlVVGArBVdPZkZKbHRXWE1Kb3h1aVVU>'

I don't think that is our proxy because it is listening port 5062 on the
loopback interface only and should not know anything about the extra
interface, advertised address etc.

You should check the outgoing INVITE to the callee and figure our
whether it has 3 or 4 record-routes. The callee is supposed to copy them
to 180 Ringing 'as is' so either callee (ZXHN) is not acting correctly
or there is some firewall or SIP ALG mangling the SIP packet.

Hope this helps,

Sven Van Gorp wrote:
> Problem is that when placing a call from the SPA to another subscriber
> on the same spce, 3 our of 4 calls don't work.
> The only diff I see between the working and not working calls are the
> Record-Route that we get back from the sipprovider: when it works there
> are 3 Record-Route, when not get 4 Record-Route (which is strange as it
> is the whole time the same call)
> when it does not work, the "extra" Record-Route is the 2nd, and is
> exactly the same as the 1st, only with the IP address of the eth0 vs
> BTW: the box has 2 eth: eth0 is used to register the local subscribers,
> eth1 to peer with carriers
> Anyone has any idea what is happening?

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