[Spce-user] outbound_from_user setting in peering settings does not work as expected.

gh gh at heissa.de
Thu May 25 13:48:28 EDT 2017

    sip:provider CE mr5.2.1

*outbound_from_user **setting in peering settings does not work as 

    My current setting is as follow:

    *Peer Host "**peerhost" - Preferences*

*Access Restrictions 

*Number Manipulations*

*outbound_from_user >Outbound From-Username Field >Peer authentication name*


*With this setting I would expect to get somthing like:*

From: "12081" <sip:myauthusername at sip.ownhost.de 
<mailto:4980425659890 at sip3.host.de>>

but what i get is:

From: "myauthusername" <sip:498932168 
<mailto:4980425659890 at sip3.host.de>@sip.ownhost.de 
<mailto:4980425659890 at sip3.host.de>>;tag=080164C5-59270.

*where 32168 is the subscriber number in my case.*

*Thanks for any help

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