[Spce-user] Problem Creating Customers/Resellers

Rene Krenn rkrenn at sipwise.com
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For each reseller, you have a "Reseller Contract" (system contract), which
is linked to a dedicated contact. Such contacts for system contracts must
have an emtpy reseller field.


For subscribers, you have "Customer" contracts. Each subscriber can belong
to exactly one customer contract. A customer contract will belong to exactly
one reseller. Each customer contract is linked to a contact, which is linked
to the reseller the customer is supposed to belong to.




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So this means i wil have to have 2 contacts per one with reseller and one


This seems to be counterintuitave.


Koot Pienaar


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>Now i want to create a customer for the reseller. So i select create
customer, i then select my contact and billing profile and click save. 

Create a separate contact for each customer, or make sure for to choose an
existing contact *belonging to your newly created reseller*.

An additional check for this was introduced by commit
35bad60d2ed0776ae5a76bce7ca54ba55d502353 in ngcp-panel master three weeks


Also the billing profile you use is also supposed to belong to your new
reseller, so make sure to prepare billing profiles per reseller separately




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Hi Guys


I am trying to create a reseller, with customers and subscribers.


I create Reseller 1 from the resellers page. Then i create a new contract
from the dialog box for creating reseller, but then i select create contact
from the create contract page.


I save the contact, select the contact then save the contract. 


I then select the new contract and Create my reseller.


Now i want to create a customer for the reseller. So i select create
customer, i then select my contact and billing profile and click save. Then
i get error, Failed to create customer contract [14BF6018FA287110], my panel
log shows the output below:


', 'billing_profiles.0.row.network_id' => '', 'status' => 'active',
'billing_profiles.0.start' => '', 'billing_profile_definition' => 'id',
'billing_profile.id' => '1', 'invoice_template.id' => '',
'billing_profiles.0.row.profile_id' => '', 'vat_rate' => '0', 'external_id'
=> '', 'invoice_email_template.id' => '', 'passreset_email_template.id' =>
'', 'contact.id' => '7', 'billing_profiles.0.end' => '', 'save' => 'Save',
'profile_package.id' => '', 'subscriber_email_template.id' => ''}
MSG="Failed to create customer contract ({UNKNOWN}: Can't call method "id"
on an undefined value at
/usr/share/perl5/NGCP/Panel/Utils/ProfilePackages.pm line 538. at
/usr/share/perl5/Catalyst/Model/DBIC/Schema.pm line 526#012)" LOG=""


It looks like it is because the contact does not have a reseller assigned to
it. But when trying to edit the contact to assing reseller there is no
option to do so. When i manually create a contact and not from the Reseller
creation page this does not happen but this is a catch 22. I cannot assign a
reseller to the contact if it is not created yet. I also cannot create
reseller without contact.


How can i overcome this? Or am i doing something wrong?



Koot Pienaar


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