[Spce-user] Homer intergration

Koot Pienaar koot at ntelecom.co.za
Fri May 26 02:47:11 EDT 2017

HI Guys


For future reference for anyone that want ot get this working.


I followed the captagent6 install guide found here:
https://www.powerpbx.org/content/homer-voip-monitoring-install-guide-v1 but
adapted it to work for debian and init on the SPCE install.


I had a clean netinstall Debian 8 dedicated machine and then ran the Homer 5
Install Script for the install. Only specified root mysql password. Rest of
the options i left default.


After install kamillio does not start. Reason being that it does not have
correct credentials for the mysql database. In the file
/var/www/html/api/configuration.php i found the credentials for the homer
user setup by the install script. 


I verified that they are working by loggin into mysql using mysql
-uhomer_user  -phomer_password where the homer_user and homer_password are
the values found in the configuration.php file.


Then i edit /etc/kamailio/kamailio.cfg.


Look for the lines: 

#!substdef "!HOMER_DB_USER!homer_user!g"

#!substdef "!HOMER_DB_PASSWORD!homer_password!g"


Replace homer_user and homer_password with the credentials found in
configuration.php above.


Start the kamailio service by running 'service kamailio start'


Confirm it is running with 'service kamailio status'


Homer should now display the packets sent to it by your captagents etc.


Koot Pienaar



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Hi guys


I would like to send packets ot homer for statistics. I have read previous
threads and tried setup using captagent but really sturggle. Dont see any
packets being sent to my homer box.


Can someone provide a guide or some tips to get it running?



Koot Pienaar

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