[Spce-user] Can't update Subscriber Call Forward

Maxwell Power mpower at yegtel.ca
Wed Nov 8 11:39:56 EST 2017

We have a customer who upon logging into their customer portal cannot update
their call forwarding. It also does not show the current status of the
forward. If one is set, it still shows 0 in the panel. When clicking on
configure preferences they receive a 500 error in the panel and we see the
following in the logs:


Nov  8 09:36:30 SBC01 ngcp-panel: ERROR: fatal error, id=14F52999BAC53D48,
timestamp=2017-11-08T16:36:30.292893000Z, error=Caught exception in
NGCP::Panel::Controller::Subscriber->preferences "Can't locate object method
"provisioning_voip_subscriber" via package
"NGCP::Panel::Model::DB::provisioning_voip_subscribers" at
/usr/share/perl5/NGCP/Panel/Utils/Subscriber.pm line 1398."


If I remove their call forwarding from the admin panel, we can access the
preferences, but as soon as we save a call forward, it goes to the 500


We are currently running mr5.5.1.


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