[Spce-user] loose-routing

stefanormc stefanormc at gmail.com
Sun Nov 5 13:31:20 EST 2017

Hi Henk,

I’m no too sure what you mean. What proxy domain do you refer to?

In my case, user is XXXXX at geva.voceblu.it and I have geva.voceblu.it realm

Proxy is centrale.aXXXXXXti.it that seems to be correctly configured on the
Grandstream ATA




On 4 November 2017 at 21:04:09, Henk (henk at voipdigit.nl) wrote:

Hi Stefano,

I had the same problem when I made a connection to an authorization domain
which was not the same as the server address. In some clients you have to
use the proxy setting to specify the server address. The kamailio proxy
checks the domain against the known domains (domain table in the kamailio
db). I solved this by adding the proxy domain in SPCE. Hope this helps for
you too.


Henk Plessius

On 4-11-2017 17:13, stefanormc wrote:

Hello again,

Anyone…? No ideas?

I’m stuck




On 3 October 2017 at 14:00:16, stefanormc (stefanormc at gmail.com) wrote:

Hi all,

I just updated to 5.4.1 and I’m experiencing a ‘loose routing’ problem on
outbound calls from certain clients that are correctly registered and have
no problem on inbound calls.

This what I see in spce log:

Oct  3 10:55:40 centrale proxy[3476]: NOTICE: <script>: New request on
proxy - M=INVITE R=sip:0110133301 at voceblu.it;user=phone F=
sip:0119649202 at voceblu.it;user=phone T=sip:0110133301 at voceblu.it;user=phone
IP= ( ID=1052434700-5060-11 at BJC.BGI.B.H
UA='Grandstream HT701'
Oct  3 10:55:40 centrale proxy[3476]: NOTICE: <script>: Initial
loose-routing rejected - R=sip:0110133301 at voceblu.it;user=phone
ID=1052434700-5060-11 at BJC.BGI.B.H UA='Grandstream HT701’

Outbound calls worked fine before upgrading

Any hint where the problem might lie?



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