[Spce-user] Backup... Second try

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at telcon.es
Tue Nov 28 14:33:46 EST 2017

Hi Matt,

Backup tools are only available in PRO/CARRIER only. I attached a e-mail 
from Alex Lutay that he confirm that.

Robert Cuaresma

El 22/11/2017 a las 2:20, Matt Schwinn escribió:
> Sending this out again.  Anyone?
> ---
> Hello All,
> A couple of things that may have already been discussed.  I am running 
> CE mr4.5.4 and have enabled the automatic backup feature as described 
> in the handbook and it seems to not be working.  Can someone give me 
> some advice.  The entire backuptools section was missing from my 
> config.yml file so I added it manually.  I'll copy what I have below 
> so you can take a look.  I ran the command "ngcpcfg apply 'enabled the 
> backup feature'" after making my change but it does not seem to be 
> working as described.
> Also, the handbook for 4.5.4 under the 13.1.2 The built-in backup 
> solution section refers to "C.1.3 backup tools section of the 'NGCP 
> configs overview'" which is actually located in section B.1.4.
> Thank you all!
> ---My backuptools config section of config.yml---
> backuptools:
>   cdrexport_backup:
>     enable: 'yes'
>   etc_backup:
>     enable: 'yes'
>   mail:
>     address: winwithschwinn at gmail.com <mailto:winwithschwinn at gmail.com>
>     error_subject: '[ngcp-backup] Problems detected during daily backup'
>     log_subject: '[ngcp-backup] Daily backup report'
>     send_errors: 'yes'
>     send_log: 'yes'
>   mysql_backup:
>     enable: 'yes'
>     exclude_dbs: 'syslog sipstats information_schema'
>   rotate_days: 7
>   storage_dir: '/var/backup/ngcp_backup'
>   temp_backup_dir: '/tmp/ngcp_backup'
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