[Spce-user] Problem with rate-o-mat SipWise 2.8

Robert Cuaresma rcuaresma at telcon.es
Thu Oct 5 06:04:47 EDT 2017


I has solved the issue, with a drastic solution but the rate-o-mat 
service works fine.

The problem was that on 7th of September rate-o-mat stops because a 
destination hasn't been found on billing fees. On 20 of September I 
deleted a Subscriber and your Account ID.

Yesterday I saw that the rate-o-mat service was stopped and I try to 
start it, but I have the next error:
Error rating CDR batch: No contract id found for uuid 

Then I try to update de database for set 'unrated' cdr to 'ok':
update accounting.cdr set rating_status = 'ok' where source_user_id = 

And I try to start again rate-o-mat service, but the error was the same...

Finally, I try to update all the CDRs to 'ok' (like a drastic measure) 
to try to up the rate-o-mat service:
update cdr set rating_status = 'ok';

Try again to start rate-o-mat service and it works fine again.

To prevent this on the future I think to write a small script for read 
rate-o-mat log and when it detects that a billing feed doesn't exist it 
send me a e-mail. Has Sipwise a mechanism to advertise that a feed 
doesn't exist?

Robert Cuaresma.
> I have a problem with a rate-o-mat service. If I try to start I have 
> this error:
> Error rating CDR batch: No contract id found for uuid 
> '7cb9097d-aece-469f-88ec-02359a17b203'
> In witch mysql table does SipWise store the calls with the UUID? I 
> don't know how to find the call with this UUID because I don't know 
> wich subscriber could make the call.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Robert Cuaresma.
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