[Spce-user] Inbound Rewrite Rule for Callee - strip characters in dialed numbers

Matthias Hohl matthias.hohl at telematica.at
Wed Sep 13 09:51:03 EDT 2017



we have sometimes the problem, that customers dial a number with letters or
characters like "." Or "-" or "/" in it.

This stops rate-o-mat, so we need to rewrite the dialed number to strip out
this characters.


Like: [^0-9]  =>  ""



We tought about to set this rule in the inbound rewrite rule for callee

As we can see in your handbook, the rewrite rule process stopps after the
first match, so this would be no solution, so we need to do this rewriting
before the inbound rewrite rule for callee takes affect.


Is there a way to do this strip process somewhere in the kamailio settings


Thank you.


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