[Spce-user] SipWise services explanation

Alex Lutay alutay at sipwise.com
Tue Sep 19 07:19:23 EDT 2017

See my inline reply (we probably improve documentation here).

On 09/19/2017 11:34 AM, Koot Pienaar wrote:
> ·         Nginx – web server (self-explanatory)

+ ngcp-panel - HTTPS admin/self-case interfaces + REST API works behind

> ·         Redis – Redis database engine – what is this used for in this
> application stack?– I think it has been replaced by Influxdb for metrics
> and stats

It is in use for storing "counters" by sems/kamailio and other services.
is it NOT replaced by InfluxDB. It is also necessary in PRO/Carrier to
provide switchover between nodes (active calls info is stored there and
can be read from on active node switchover).
On CE it is for code simplification and better product quality.
CE/PRO/Carrier works identically here -> only one case to test -> better
product quality.

> ·         Prosody -  Jabber/XMPP IM chat service


> ·         Kamailio  LB & Proxy – SIP server


> ·         RTP-engine-daemon – why is this required?  Is this
> specifically for data transfer between lb & proxy or all media
> paths?This is the RTP proxy, it handles all of the media that passes
> through the system.

Also it cares about call/RTP recording and about WebRTC magic.
The best on a market BTW.

> ·         Rate-o-mat – this seems to be the billing engine

correct. mediator + rate-o-mat = ~billing engine.

> ·         Collectd – system performance and stats?

Monitoring deamon. Replaced with telegraf+ngcp-witnesd+influcdb+grafana
in mr5.3+

> ·         Ngcp-eaddress – something to do with the network interfaces
> but Im struggling to figure out where this fits.

This is just a script, part of ngcpcfg framework for the system

> ·         Asterisk – standard PBX features?– This is only used for IVR
> and voicemail. No other pbx functions.


You can find list of all components with README inside (for most of
repos) here https://github.com/sipwise/

Have fun!

Alex Lutay

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